About me

Hi! I'm Lynsay an Irish artist from County Armagh, N.Ireland.
I paint daily from my garden studio, surrounded by nature using exciting colour combinations,  to create bold, colour-rich florals full of bright energy. 
I have a passion for flowers and vibrant colours, and combined they add so much happiness and energy to my life.
Over the years I’ve developed a painting style that uses a bright and lively story of layers with a balanced combination of loose brushstrokes and fine line details.
Painting has a special place in my heart, it lights me up, I mean…it literally puts a smile on my face! It’s this joy and energy I put back into my art, whether its an original painting, a fine art print, hand painted heart, or taking one of my art painting classes, they are all sprinkled with ‘Happy’ and I want to share that with you!