Hello! Lovely to have you here!

I’m Lynsay Green,

a Floral & Landscape Artist

Enjoy Browsing my website!

Thank you so much for visiting my website. Here is a little about me… I live in a small village in Northern Ireland with my husband, two children and our dog ‘Phoebe’. I began painting from a young age and have always had a passion for all things creative. I studied both Art and Interior Design and in my early years had a daily painting practice. When I became a mother and the wonderful craziness of family life took over I set my daily art practice aside, with the intention of returning to it when life got less busy!

The years flew by and unfortunately the stress built up which resulted in several difficult years with my health.  I felt I had a dark cloud over me that I just couldn’t seem to lift. Encouraged by my ever, supportive husband, I set aside time for myself to paint and soon began a daily practice again. To my surprise, life got a little lighter each day, until some months later, I felt truly happy, healthy and so grateful for my creativity.

Painting fills me with positive, uplifting energy, that I find difficult to put into words… It was and still is a daily re-newel of me.  I paint from such a happy place and you will only find positive, uplifting, colourful art created by me.  As we all know, life has difficult times and ‘dark clouds’ that come and go, I want to use my art to shed a little extra light into each day and to spread much needed joy.

I am completely fueled by nature and get my inspiration from weekends spent outdoors with my family, photographing and sketching the countryside, coastline and forests. My art is bright, vibrant and full of colour and is a direct response to the energy I feel while being in nature.

Now, When I wake in the morning I am excited to take my short commute across the garden to my studio ( with my little studio buddy ‘Phoebe’ in tow) and start a new day of painting, full of potential, possibilities and pure joy!

As well as my website, I also have my art available in the following Galleries

‘The Yard’ Gallery,  Holywood

‘In Klover’ Gallery, Hillsborough

‘Klover Haus’ Gallery, Moira

‘2020’ Gallery, Whitehead