Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere

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Creating art is a deeply personal journey, and just like each artist has their own distinct style, the way in which we find inspiration is equally as unique. Think of me as a sponge, constantly absorbing the world around me, colours, textures, pattern, so it goes without saying that my surroundings play a huge role in influencing my work. It’s like a dance between my environment and my art which directly shapes and influences me and my creative practice.

To keep my creative well flowing over, I’ve cultivated daily habits and a lifestyle that influences my art and elevates my spirits, here’s a little round up of the top five ways I find inspiration for my art:

  • Home: Interior design is more than a hobby for me; it’s an integral part of my creative process. My home reflects my personality I don’t stick to styles or trends, I want my home to bring joy and fun into my life, I style it with handmade pieces and sentimental items. The colours and textures in my home often influence my paintings, creating a beautiful synergy between my living space and my art…its all connected, interwoven!


  • Nature:  Around 4 years ago I introduced a daily walk in nature into my morning routine, I thought it would get me a little fresh air and some exercise but I unwittingly ended up gaining so much more, it became my sanctuary, a chance to recharge my energy, connect to nature and be present which means when I return to the studio to paint I am refreshed and at ease. I use my walks to watch the seasons change, capturing and recording intricate details like flowers, butterflies, leaves, patterns and colours building a visual library on my phone. These images later find their way into my sketchbooks, forming a reserve of ideas for future paintings.


  • Books: I’m an avid reader, my garden studio and home have bookcases full of art reference books ( I’ve become quite the collector!) . From colour mixing guides to Old masters reference books, they are daily companions to my art practice. And while I don’t take the information literally, the elements within these books often find their way into my sketchbooks, shaping my practice, inspiring the next move!


  • Fashion: Now…I don’t claim to be a fashion icon by any means! But… I do draw inspiration from the world of fashion. I navigate towards brands like Boden who produce vibrant combinations and embrace colour and pattern. I adore Bretton striped tops and wear them regularly and I can see how this subconsciously appears in my art practice through using stripes in my underpainting and on vases ( especially blue and white stripes) I love to incorporate animal prints and patterns  into the backgrounds of my still life paintings, creating leaf shapes etc… the influences go on! Wearing what makes me feel good translates into my art, I believe a happy artist creates happy art!


  • Ceramics: Ceramics hold a special place in my heart, especially ceramic vases. I have started to amass a collection books and ceramics, that I love to refer to for inspiration…especially ancient vase shapes and designs. Using my sketchbooks to develop ideas, blending old patterns with modern shaped vases. This love for ceramics shines through in my latest collection, where pattern and colour intertwine with ancient vase shapes with a contemporary twist.

In essence, my art is inspired by a story of all my loves in life, woven from the threads of my surroundings and experiences, ending in a canvas that reflects not just what I see but how I feel, a transfer of bright energy and a celebration of colour, nature, and everything beautiful.

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